This guide is to show you how to install different flags in the game 1nsane. Seeing the same one can get boring after awhile. So here we go.

Things you will need
-1nsane the game (duh)
-The Flag you want to import (Flags found Here)
-1nsane Swiss Army Knife (Found Here)

There are many tools that can do this, but the Swiss Army Knife is the simplest.

So here is your typical game flag

01 flag factory

So go pick a flag from the website.
Once its downloaded it will be in a Zip file. Extract the PNG file, here im dumping it in my pictures




No go ahead and download the Swiss Army Knife
04 download swiss army knife


Extract the EXE, I dumped it to my desktop

05 extract to desktop
Go ahead a Run the EXE, you will be asked to Select you 1nsane game folder

06 run swiss army knife


the default is C:\codemasters\1nsane

07 select isnae directory



Once that is done the Program will load up.  Select the Customize TAB. Next Click Backup Current Data Files. (ALWAYS BACKUP)

Next Click Change Flag

08 select custimize tap



Select the flag.PNG that you extracted earlier

09 open flag


Click OPEN AND you done.


10 flag changed


Now load the game, And have some fun with a new flag!
11 test out new flag